About us

The Slovenian Insurance Association (until 1997 the Slovenian Insurance Bureau) is a commercial interest association of Slovenian insurance companies. It was founded in 1992. The association’s activities are prescribed by the Insurance Act and the Statute, as are the terms and conditions for insurance companies and other organisations membership in the association.

Tasks and goals

The association represents the collective and individual interests of its members and carries out tasks prescribed by Slovenian regulations and international agreements. The association issues approvals to individuals and organisations that have professional relationships with any of its members to perform other insurance business, organises courses for insurance brokers and agents and issues corresponding certificates, resolves compensation claims arising from the responsibilities of the Green Card Bureau, the Guarantee Fund and the Compensation Body, serves as an information centre for motor insurance for domestic and foreign injured parties, collects, processes, publishes and supplies joint statistical data on insurance activities and their importance to the Slovenian economy, organises educational seminars and events for its members and carries out other tasks of collective importance.

One of the most important tasks of the association is the exercising of rights and fulfilment of obligations arising from the Compulsory Motor Third-Party Liability Act and international treaties and agreements in the area of motor insurance and cross-border road traffic accidents; the Green Card Bureau, Guarantee Fund, Information Centre and the Compensation Body operate on their basis.

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