General meeting of shareholders

The general meeting is composed of representatives of the association’s regular members. Sessions of the general meeting are usually attended by the presidents of the management boards of the regular members. The association’s general meeting is held at least once a year, and resolutions are adopted by a majority of members present. Each member of the general meeting holds one vote in the general meeting’s ballots. The general meeting decides on the admission of new members to the association, on the dismissal of members and on the winding up of the association. Membership in the association is voluntary.


The association’s council is composed of 8 members. The members of the council may be regular members of the association. Five members of the council are appointed by the general meeting, including the four insurance companies and one reinsurance company which post the highest gross premiums in the preceding calendar year. Three members of the council are elected from among the association’s remaining regular members. Individual insurance companies or reinsurance companies are represented on the association’s council by the president of their management board. The term of office of the members of the council last no longer than four years with the possibility of reappointment and reelection. The council decides on the association’s membership of other organisations, and appoints and dismisses the director of the association.


The director organises and leads the association’s operations, and represents the association. He decides on employment, the organisation of the professional service and the systematisation of positions, concludes agreements with foreign insurance associations and bureaus, and approves the concluding of correspondence agreements. The director is appointed and dismissed by the council. The director’s term of office is four years with the possibility of reappointment.

General support service

In order to manage and carry out the tasks necessary for the organization of the work process of the Association, technical support for the functioning of the Association’s bodies and the Mediation center and Insurance ombudsman, statistical data processing and general legal matters the General support service is an organizational unit within the Association.

Green card bureau, Guarantee Fund, Compensation body and Information center

In order to carry out the tasks stipulated by the Insurance act and the Compulsory Motor Third-Party Liability Insurance Act in connection with compulsory traffic insurance, the Association has an organizational unit Green Card Bureau, Guarantee Fund, Compensation body and Information center.

Green card bureau

Slovenian Insurance Association as the national Green Card Bureau and a member of the Council of Bureaux  guarantees the payment of damages caused in Slovenia by drivers with foreign license plates. In order to cover such damages, which are known as international claims, the association authorises its members – insurance companies that offer motor third party liability insurance. Co-operation amongst the national insurance bureaus is regulated by international agreements, including the Internal Regulations, which is the fundamental agreement of the green card system, and national regulations in the field of motor third party liability insurance in countries of the green card system.

For more than fifty years, the Council of Bureaux has been exclusively responsible for administrating the green card system, and with the implementation of the Fourth Motor Insurance Directive (protection of visiting motorists) it took over the administration and co-ordination of the operations of the new institutions arising from the directive – information centres, compensation bodies and guarantee funds. In Slovenia the Green Card Bureau serves as the Information Centre and Compensation Body in co-operation with the Guarantee Fund.

Guarantee fund

The Guarantee Fund deals with accidents and ensures the payment of damages caused to injured parties by drivers of uninsured and unknown vehicles, uninsured aircraft or other flying devices and uninsured boats. The Guarantee Fund is also used to pay compensation for damages incurred by passengers on uninsured transport vehicles as a consequence of accidents.

Professional support service

The professional support service is an organizational unit within the Association for professional support to the working bodies of the Association, which are determined by the Rules on the organization and of operation of the working bodies organized by the Association.

Education service

For the implementation of tasks in the field of education and training, within the framework of the Association there is an organizational unit, the Education service.